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These viruses automatically infect the file that contains macros, and also infects the templates and documents that the file contains. Hideout: These hide in documents that are shared via e-mail or networks. A, Bablas, O97M/Y2KProtection: The best protection technique is to avoid opening e-mails from unknown senders.

Also, disabling macros can help to protect your useful data.

Hideout: It hides in the memory until DOS accesses the floppy disk, and whichever boot data is accessed, the virus infects it. B, Anti EXEProtection: The best way of avoiding boot sector viruses is to ensure that floppy disks are write-protected.

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Macro viruses infect files that are created using certain applications or programs that contain macros, like .doc, .xls, .pps, etc.

These mini-programs make it possible to automate series of operations so that they are performed as a single action, thereby saving the user from having to carry them out one by one.

It gets control over the system memory and allocates memory blocks through which it runs its own code, and executes the code when any function is executed.

Target: It can corrupt files and programs that are opened, closed, copied, renamed, etc.

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