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Even if not all the goals he had set were accomplished successfully, he never gave up.He was well known for his endurance and perseverance as well as his wittiness and willingness to share his knowledge and experience.Amongst climbers it is always fun to debate who the greatest mountaineers of all time are.Of course, such a list is always subjective, particularly when discussing climbers across different eras.As climbers return to BC, more details are emerging about the weekend’s summit push and difficult descent on Nanga Parbat: Wolfgang Köblinger lost balance in high winds and fell to his death shortly after reaching the summit.Another fall, on an unroped section between C3 and C2 took Miss Go’s life on Saturday.

He climbed Kazalnica Mięguszowska via many routes, Ganek and other faces, and a few difficult routes in the Alps in the Mont Blanc massif, including Petit Dru and Mont Blanc du Tacul.

That doesn’t stop the makers of this video from attempting to make their picks however, so I present to you a list of the top 5 mountaineers of all time.

Not sure I agree with all of them, or the order for that matter, but it sure makes a lively discussion. Is winter Himalayan mountaineering possible without Artur Hajzer?

When he was 14 years of age, he started climbing with the Tatra Scout Club.

At the age of 16, he finished the climbing course in the Tatra mountains, so called ‘Betlejemka’.

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This article, written by Jagoda Mytych, was originally published in “n.p.m.” magazine in September 2013.