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Leonard has arranged with the fish commission for stocking it with fish. Leonard has 115 acres of land, besides that in Lake Como, and it not only surrounds this lake, but extends on to Lake Moss. Leonard bought this property as unimproved land three years ago, and has already spent a considerable fortune clearing, building and converting it into the beautiful country estate which he intends it to be. Pursley, are off the state highway and have succeeded in getting a county road opened and graded, but are blocked by the Seaboard, which has so far refused to permit a crossing of its tracks. Leonard has trucked on forty acres the last two years successfully and profitably.

Last year he sold 25,000 pounds of sweet potatoes to a Tampa chain store and received three-fourths of a cent per pound above the price this corporation could have bought elsewhere.

In this general area were: Big Cypress, Disston, Drexel, Ehren, Fivay Junction, Godwin, Mexico, Myrtle-Denham, Pleasant Plains, Shingleton, Stemper and Tucker.

Susan Mac Manus talked about the history of Land O’ Lakes and showed lots of photos from her two books about the Lutz-Land O’ Lakes area on Sept. Several small communities later developed in the vicinity, most of them lumber and turpentine towns along the railroads.

The poultry industry is in its infancy in Denham but there are enough poultry folks interested to organize a poultry association with M. The Pickett Poultry Farm consists of six acres lying on the east side of Thirteen Mile Run and near Lake Bird. The soil is sandy loam of a fertility that will raise all of the green feed for the poultry yard, and supply the family with fruits and vegetables. Pickett is going it alone now, but he expects to have the assistance of one or more of his sons as the business grows. Before the name change, the area splintered into small communities, including Ehren, Drexel, Denham, Myrtle and Fivay. It was becoming home to more people looking for a quiet, rural lifestyle.

The Drexel Missionary Baptist Church was founded in the fall of 1929 by Rev. Until that time, administrators had worked in several locations in Dade City, Zephyrhills, and New Port Richey. 5 and the Wesley Chapel and Odessa roads, is a part of Pasco county known as Denham-Myrtle.

Land O’ Lakes experienced rapid population growth beginning in the 1990s. 27, 2012, presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke at a rally at Land O’ Lakes High School. A feature of the section is the numerous lakes that dot the landscape so that nearly every resident has a lake, or shares one with a neighbor.

There is an acre plot of blackberries from which he expects to get 7,000 quarts of berries this summer. Leonard has a strawberry patch near Lakeland, and he will plant five acres on his home estate where he expects them to do equally well.

A rosebed set in January looks as if it had been growing a year, and Mrs.

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In 1879 a post office was established at Pleasant Plains, although it operated only briefly. On July 10, 1925, the Dade City Banner reported: Development aggregating several million dollars was announced Friday afternoon immediately after the sale of 640 acres of land including the town site of Denham to a syndicate of New York capitalists. The developers plan to bring their own organizations from the north to accomplish the work. (Information from the web site of First Baptist Church of Land O’ Lakes.) The first site of the Drexel Church of God was on U. While the Myrtle-Denham school was being built, the younger students attended school in the Lake View United Brethren Church building while the older ones continued studying at the Myrtle School. In 1949 the name Land O’ Lakes came into existence.