Win xp keeps rebooting after updating

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Win xp keeps rebooting after updating

In my case, I would probably still miss the longer interval too, so I don’t use this option, but it’s worth knowing about.In the Windows Update Control Panel settings if you have chosen the Download updates, but let me choose whether to install them option, then you might run into issues where certain updates won’t be installed even though they don’t require a reboot or interfere with Windows services.If you were in the middle of some work and happened to be away from the computer for a while, then you could end up losing some of your work because of the auto-restart.I definitely think that the default settings are good for most users since the updates are usually security related and should be installed ASAP in order to avoid malware, spyware or hacking attempts.Now navigate down to the following security settings: You’ll now see a bunch of options on the right hand side related to Windows Update.There are basically two settings that we have to manipulate to get what we want.

However, if you are not near your computer, it’ll just restart after the time interval.

You might notice your computer slow down while these updates are installed in the background.

After they are installed, the computer will normally automatically restart 5 minutes after the installation is finished.

That being said, I also feel that certain aspects can be tweaked for power users like myself.

I routinely check for updates when I want and install them on my own.

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One of the most important and occasionally most annoying features of Windows is Windows Update.